Community Guide


Hello and welcome. We are excited to have you here.

This guide is designed to propel you to a great start in the GoodDollar community. We welcome any feedback and look forward to connecting with you.

What is GoodDollar?

We are a 100 per cent non-profit, open-source payment network, and we are launching a cryptocurrency (GoodDollar) with built-in universal basic income (UBI).

What is UBI and how does GoodDollar embrace it?

The idea is to provide a guaranteed income, for anyone. It’s a revolutionary economic concept whereby every individual is granted a fixed, minimum wage to cover basic needs. We embrace this and aspire to provide users with G$1 (one GoodDollar) every day, forever (more info in our terms of use)

Our vision

A world without poverty. A world where financial freedom serves as a spark for global prosperity.

A world where smart people are given a fair chance to succeed even if they were born without the means to achieve it. A world where basic necessities do not stand in the way of us having the freedom to explore and improve our lives. A world that, for all our sakes, benefits the many and not just the few.

Where we are now

The GoodDollar project was officially announced in November 2018 at Web Summit in Lisbon, and we have made substantial progress. We have facilitated an OpenUBI ecosystem, where like-minded people and projects in the blockchain space collaborate. Currently, we are developing our product and firming up the economic model, with a view to introducing a pilot later in 2019.

Getting Involved